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Whilst we can offer full service support aross all areas of hospitality marketing, events and PR, we also get it that sometimes you just need a bit of support on the ideas to kick things off. 

We know what makes customers tick when it comes to hospitality.

With over 13 years experience across venues, events and projects within the hospitality sector we know a thing or two about what will get you results, and can offer consultancy across:

  • Events

  • Marketing campaigns and PR

  • Influencer marketing

  • Restaurant launches and concepts

Hospitality and marketing consultancy

We understand that sometimes you want to equip your team with knowledge rather than outsource your marketing, and we're more than happy to step in to give you a tailored workshop, including practical tips, to help you to level up your skills.

We also offer brand workshops, to really get under the skin of your who you are and what you do.

Examples of what we can offer are:

  • Social Media workshops

  • Content Creation workshops for TikTok and Reels

  • Brand workshops to get a deep understanding of your identity

Training and workshops

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