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A Christmas Disco Wonderland! Our Media's Christmas party.

Disco balls, disco elves, disco decor - it must be Christmas at Our Media!

Our Media

Every now and then you get one of those dream clients who gives you absolute free rein and is totally open to us being creative, and Our Media are just those clients! After organising and running their hugely successful Summer party, the team came to us to organise their Christmas party, and let’s just say a lot of fun was had by all every step of the way…

Over the years, Our Media’s social events had been organised by a central team outside of Bristol, and much like their Summer party, for Christmas 2022 they wanted to do something which was a bit more personal to them and their team. The brief was to find a venue which could hold up to 300 guests, within central Bristol, with food, drinks, music and entertainment, but apart from that they told us to be creative and come up with some different concepts. Needless to say we went a bit nuts on that one…

What they needed

What we did

After presenting three different event concepts, which included a classic Winter Wonderland and a ‘Bad Santa’ concept, we all agreed that there was only one theme for them – Christmas Disco Wonderland! Think glitter balls, disco elves, classic tunes and plenty of cocktails…

First port of call was to find a venue which would not only have capacity for up to 300 people, but also have availability for the prime party Thursday in December (remember, if you want any of the key dates in party season you need to be booking pre-July!). After initially settling on a venue and conducting site visits with the team, we found ourselves with a bit of a spanner in the works after it looked like the venue wouldn’t be able to deliver the event after all (because when did event planning ever run smoothly!?). Luckily, after a bit of research and reaching out to our previous event contacts, the wonderful Hayley from The Cocktail Club came to the rescue. The venue was available for the date we wanted, they had plenty of space, were happy for us to go all out on decor and best of all, were a mere two minute walk from Our Media’s office – winner.

With a venue now booked we curated our host of performers, including dancing ‘Disco Heads’, mischievous Christmas Elves to the party started, and of course, our superstar DJ Jon Leisure. The right decor was absolutely essential and being lucky to work with one of the best balloon artists in the South West, the wonderful Alice, we naturally got her on board. We then set about ordering plenty of additional decorations to ensure the already amazing space looked like Studio 54 meets Santa’s Grotto.

Working with a venue like The Cocktail Club is always a dream, as they come geared up with plenty of food and drinks packages to choose from, so after all of that was agreed upon the only thing left was to organise the details, such as coat rails, hangers and drinks vouchers – but we won’t bore you with that!

Emma Cooney

"After a two year break, we knew that there were high expectations for our Christmas party so after a fantastic summer party we knew Duchess would be able to create the perfect event. We love working with the team! Not only do they ‘get’ our business and culture, they are brimming with creative ideas, and know a wealth of local businesses and suppliers to create the ultimate celebration. Looking forward to the next bash already!"

Our Media

We already knew that the Our Media team LOVE a good party, and they definitely didn’t let us down with this one! The space looked incredible, with the most amazing disco balloon installations from Alice, and more helium balloons than you’d ever need – and with the guests being greeted by the Disco Heads and directed to the dance floor by our Christmas Elves, it wasn’t long before the party was in full swing.

We had an amazing response from all of the team at the party on the night, and post-event we had some amazing feedback from the senior management team.

As we’re sure you can tell, party planning is by far one of the most exciting and rewarding projects we’re lucky enough to work on, so if you’re looking to do things differently and create a totally unique Summer or Christmas party experience for your team this year then give us a shout – we promise you won’t be disappointed!

The results

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