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Brewing Up Success - Bristol Beer Factory

Audits and website optimisation might not sound like the most thrilling tasks, but when it results in selling A LOT more beer - we're in!!

Bristol Beer Factory

Bristol Beer Factory is more than just a brewery, it’s a lifestyle. They began with one mission in mind, to be fierce with their independence! Their brews are the definition of excellent, balanced and consistently awesome beers that are well loved by the people of Bristol and beyond.

BBF consistently inspires people to drink fresh, exciting and sessionable beers in epic independent bars and pubs around the country. They have always forged strong working relationships with Bristol creatives and businesses while simultaneously pushing to be at the forefront of the Bristol brewing scene since pioneering it in 2004.

We’ve always had a great long-standing relationship with Bristol Beer Factory, looking after their branding and design work, but knew we could be doing more for them. Despite having a beautiful range of new products we noticed their website didn’t match their branding and so we ran some workshops to help them fully understand the impact of a full redesign and moving to a new platform.

What they needed

What we did

We decided to do a full audit on their website to highlight missed opportunities in revenue and how, with help, it could be vastly improved. 

As the BBF site has longevity we needed to understand what pages were working and which were important for their SEO. Despite the site having a strong presence in search results we still concluded that with a very careful transition the best move would be to redesign the site and move it to a platform designed for online sales.

The site was redesigned and migrated to a Shopify platform as a result of this evaluation, and they have seen a healthy return on investment since making the switch!

Their new site has maintained its position within search results and has better usability, their eCommerce rate rose from 1.95% to 6.46% and their revenue is up by 487% in the first month of launch.

We also created a social media strategy for them designed to drive reach, engagement and revenue and we continue to run their PPC campaign to boost sales. We’re really enjoying working with Bristol Beer Factory and immersing ourselves in the world of all things beer and helping another local business grow – go check them out!

The results

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