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Taking on TikTok – How we got Kabuto over 1 million views in 3 months

Tackling TikTok and smashing targets (and eating lots of noodles!) Just another day in the office!

Kabuto Noodles

We’ve been banging the content drum for years now but when TikTok came a long we were a little unsure of exactly how brands were going to use it, lucky for us Kabuto Noodles were daring enough to go big or go home on the TikTok platform.

Kabuto knew that many of the people who eat their noodles, such as younger gamers, are on TikTok but that they don’t necessarily do the weeky shop themselves. They wanted to target these audiences while not alienating others.

They needed a TikTok strategy and content that would help them break into the TikTok market and take advantage of being early adopters.

They ultimately knew that they wanted to bring the strategy in-house but needed a kickstart and guidance on how best to run the paid platform for ultimate success.

What they needed

What we did

Working alongside the Kabuto team we put together a 3 month campaign to increase their followers, views and engagement. We wanted to target a few different marketing pillars, experimental, audacious and honurable so worked in several content streams.

  • Audacious: Everyday trending content – jumping on any trending sounds to see if we could organically join the TikTok frenzy. Becoming the Kabuto noodle pot to give the brand personality.

  • Experimental: Ramen Hacks and recipes – a big trend on TikTok in its own right, here we spent more time crafting recipe videos.

  • Honourable: Noodle artwork and up-cycling

As well as creating the strategy and content we posted to the platform and responded as Kabuto to ensure maximum engagement.

We also took advantage of TikTok’s paid platform to target key audiences for Kabuto while keeping cost down to a minimum.

Holly, Brand Manager

"Duchess are amazing! We tasked them to take over the Kabuto TikTok account and project Kabuto into the TikTok space. We wanted to aim for viral success but understood the nature of the platform was so busy: we still wanted to achieve a notable presence.

They took us under their wings for a few months and absolutely smashed it with multiple videos reaching over 50k views and establishing an interesting future strategy for us. If you're looking for an agency that aren't scared to tread new paths - trust them an go with!"

Kabuto Noodles

We grew Kabuto’s audience from 96 to 6,663, got them to 1,077,690 views, 29,221 likes, 921 comments and 634 shares. We handed the channel back to Kabuto’s marketing team armed with a strong, engaged audience which they can grow and develop.

The results

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